“Contentment in Christ”

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“Contentment in Christ”
There are many things that lead to our unwillingness to be content. Idleness of mind, hunger for more, un-satisfied with current blessings, and lack of satisfaction in our faith. Sometimes, we need not to be content. If our house is falling apart due to negligence, we certainly should do our best to make the repairs and thank the good Lord above for blessing us with a home. If we have an automobile that proves that miracles happen everyday when it starts, we probably ought to consider upgrading for the sake of transportation. Make no mistake; we can have an un-healthy contentment.

But then there is un-contentment in our life that stems from a Spiritual dis-connect. This lack of contentment often causes us to make rash decisions concerning purchases, relationships, how we spend our time, and most often how faithful we are to the Lord and His Kingdom Work!

Far too often, our contentment is based on our current circumstances in life. If we fall for this trap, we will always be looking to sustain a certain criteria of circumstances in order to achieve contentment. The problem with this is this; we can never control our circumstances in life. We can do our best when it comes to how we sow that we may reap accordingly, but life happens to us all. In this life we shall have trials and tribulations.

Apostle Paul penned the great words found in Philippians 4:11—“ Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” Paul had learned that contentment is a choice that must be made. Whether in prison or in the fields of evangelism, one must be content. Paul was as content knowing he was headed straight into a hot bed of persecution as we was preaching in the synagogues drawing massive crowds and converting many.

I find myself leaning toward dis-content when my focus gets off of Christ. When my devotion time gets interrupted either by circumstances out of my control or totally by my control. When my time in prayer gets lesser due to circumstances out of my control or choices made that is in my control. It is those times that I get distracted and seek to fill that void of contentment with things, people, places, and sometimes-even purchases. I must come back to reality and remind myself of this age-old passage penned by Paul, and seek God’s strength and learn, that no matter what comes my way, be content in Christ. Notice Paul didn’t get this naturally, he said that he had learned it. Trust Jesus, Look to Jesus, and Be Content in Christ Jesus. He is all that we truly need!

Be Blessed,
Pastor Ancel