“When Doubt’s and Fear’s Creep in”

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“When Doubt’s and Fear’s Creep in”

If one were to look on the outside of all that is going on in ones life only, you would likely think that many people have it all together. I have been in the ministry for 15 years and in pastoral ministry for 11 years. I must admit; I get down trodden with doubt. Oh, its not the kind of doubt that questions my salvation, or whether or not God can save a certain person or type of person. But rather, it’s the type of doubt that comes with a lack of faith.

As a pastor, I realize that this somewhat makes me vulnerable to say, but my faith gets weak. Just this week, I found myself looking at the negative side of a certain concern that I have in the position God has me in. I found myself in a days’, irritable, and restless. I was very restless on Monday Night and woke up at 345 am. I like to get a good start on things, but trust me; it wasn’t intentional to get up at 345am. I stumbled on into the kitchen and made me some breakfast and done my routine. I listened to a message by Dr. Steve Gaines, our current SBC President and pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis. His message was on worry. The text was very familiar, as a matter of fact; I have preached a message on anxiety and worry from that very passage. The Lord began to speak to my heart!

Dr. Gaines preached a marvelous message, but I’ll have to say; there was one phrase he made that I know to be true. Nonetheless, I neglect to remember the truths of what he said so often in my own life. He said, “Most often when we worry, our prayer life is lacking, and our time in the Word is lacking.” I know what many will think, how could a pastor be so open about a shortcoming as such? Well, I am glad you ask… I have a fairly strict routine in my day-to-day devotion. I pray, then I read my daily passage in my “Read the Bible through in a year” program, I follow through with a Proverb, and then I typically have a good book I am reading from a trusted Christian Author. Once that is all in, I begin to work on day-to-day Administrative duties of the church as well as ministerial.

So how did I get to this of weak faith? The bible tells us in Romans 10:17—“17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” You say, pastor, you mean you don’t read the Bible? Yes, I read the bible daily… Usually that is. But last week, I put several hours in early in the week to enable me to take a few days off to work at home. Just in that brief period of time, my daily routine of Bible reading and prayer was interrupted and lo and behold; my faith began to be weakened. You see, its not always the BIG and OBVIOUS “no-no’s” of the flesh; but rather the subtle and unintentional stumbling block’s that make their way into our life.

Oh that we would heed to the necessity of God’s Word in our life EVERYDAY! Oh that we would heed to God in prayer EVERYDAY! May we never make provision for interruption in a day-to-day communion with our Lord! I came into the office today, excited to get in to the Word and prayer and excited at the privilege that God has bestowed upon me to bare the name of Christ and bare the cross that I might die to self-daily. Take time out everyday for God’s Word and for prayer.

Pastor Ancel