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  •    Back to Better! 
With the recent spike in Covid-19 cases in our surrounding communities, we have elected to take some new precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our Church Family & visitors.
Refrain from Physical Fellowship:
  • We will no longer have physical contact during fellowship at all services. 
  • e.g. Please refrain from handshaking, hugging, etc until further notice. 
  • It is very important that everyone adhere to this request, we understand that not everyone will agree with this, however, Pastor believes this is best for us as a Church Family at this time.
  • A simple measure that we can all take is for our family’s to sit together at Church.
We will be taking new measures to cut down on high traffic and congested areas:
  • We ask that you use the side entrances that is closest to your seat both upon entering and exiting. You may park accordingly in the parking lot to allow yourself the closest walking distance.
  • We will be taking measures to cut down on congestion in our halls.
  • Our S.S. Teachers will be given directive on dismissal of classes and the proper way to channel their class. 
  • Please refrain from congregating in our halls or doorways. We will have door greeters at each door taking care of the doors and greeting everyone with a welcoming smile.
  • Parents, please ensure that your child is not wandering around before, during, or after service. This will help greatly with keeping the congestion down as well. 
  • Following service, we ask that your fellowship with one another (which we encourage) be practiced outside. This will help with congestion in the Church and also help our cleaning crew who will be working following each service. 
Make yourself Comfortable:
  • If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, feel free to do so. We are not mandating masks in our services, however, if you feel more comfortable while wearing a mask, by all means, wear a mask. We will not pass any judgement on you nor tolerate any passed judgement toward you on  whichever approach you decide to take. We take this stance no matter if you’re “pro-mask, against masks, or you do not care either way.”
  • Sit where you like, and with whom you desire to sit with. You may stay as far away from folk as you can, or vice versa.
  • We will have masks available at each door sealed in a bag for anyone who desires to have one or wear one.  
  • Help yourself to hand sanitizer located at each door and between the restrooms in the hall. Use as much and as often as you desire. 
Are we Social Distancing?
  • At this time, we continue to have open seating. Sit where you like and where you’re most comfortable. 
  • It’s very important to note, Sunday and Wednesday Evening services have drastically less people attending. If Social Distancing is a must for you, there will be plenty of room for you to do so in the sanctuary during evening services.
  • We’re currently working on the possibility of streaming our service to the pavilion and providing an outdoor option for those who wish to keep your Sunday routine, see some church family, and honor God on His day. This option will offer social distancing in seating. We will update the website and inform everyone when this is available. 
  • We must respect one another and all work together as a Church family. We’re all in this together. This is an incredible opportunity for us to honor Christ by continuing to offer Hope to a hopeless world though the body of Christ, The Church. 
Online opportunities:
  • We Live-stream every service on both Facebook and Youtube (Subscribe to our Youtube Channel)
  • We offer four ways to give your tithe and Free-will offerings to the Lord:
1) Give online located at our giving tab here on our website.
2) You may give via “TEXT GIVING” by simply texting 423-799-2959 e.g. ($25,) you will then receive a return text prompting you to put your info in, this is only required one time.
3) Drop your tithe/offering into one of our tithe boxes that is mounted on the wall at each of our entrance/exit doors in the sanctuary.
4) You may mail your check to 1022 Old Stage Rd-Johnson City, Tn, 37615
Cleaning & Sanitizing?
  • Our Cleaning ministry will be cleaning, mopping, and sanitizing the entire facility including our chairs before and after each service. Extra measures have been taken with specialized cleaner to help with this effort.
  • We will always strive to keep a safe and clean facility.
  • This has always been our practice and will continue to be so.
  • There is Hand Sanitizer on the walls through out our facilities.
  • We maintain clean Restrooms and do our best to keep everything stocked accordingly.
Please Love Your Neighbor?
  • If you are sick, stay home and get well!
  • If your child or teenager is sick, keep them Home!
  • Loving your Neighbor involves being mindful of their health as well as their perception of good health. If we’re sniffling, sneezing, and coughing, especially in a time such as we’re in, that perception and potential fear is very unsettling. These practices should be our mindset at all times.
Our goal is to offer as safe and God Honoring environment as we can at our place of Worship. There is very little hope in this world and we as Christians enjoy the only lasting Hope known to man, Christ Jesus. We’re commanded in scripture to stay together as the Church, assemble together, worship together, and encourage one another. In addition to that, we’re commanded to put the “GO” in the Gospel. By God’s Grace, we will not hinder the scriptural mandate to fulfill these clear teachings. May we work together to remain faithful unto the very end! 
See Ya at Church!