Food Ministry—Our food Ministry consist of a group of ladies within our Church that is called upon to provide a meal when a family or person has undergone a surgery or illness that has caused their way of life to change short-term. The ladies either see the need and or Pastor makes the need known, and the ladies prepare a home cooked meal and or meals to accommodate the person or family in need. In addition to this, our Food Ministry team prepares a meal for any family within the Church that has suffered the loss of an immediate family member whether by long illness or tragically. The Food ministry has proven to be very hands on, and Christ centered ministry that truly shows the love of Christ and His people to those in need. If you’re interested in serving in this ministry, fill out the ministry form provided below at the bottom of the page and someone will be in-touch with you soon.
Card Ministry—Our Card ministry is a ministry designed to let people know that they are wanted, missed, and loved by their Church Family. On Monday of each week, each Group Team Member will log in to our Church Management system and record Sunday’s attendance for their assigned Alphabet, and then on Wednesday, the Team Member for each alphabet will send out Cards of encouragement, Invite, and Missed you cards to let folk know that they are Loved, wanted, and Missed when they’re out! This ministry has received more accolades from visitors and newcomers than any other ministry within our Church. Please fill out form at the bottom of the page.
STBC Nursery1
“We love our Nursery Age lil folks at STBC! We currently have two Nursery Age divisions within our Church. We split our Nursery up into 0-18 month old and 19 month old –Age 3. We’re always looking for willing and able servants in this ministry. We background check all of our volunteers as we do all Children’s Ministry positions. We’d love to have you onboard with us. If you are interested in serving, please fill out the ministry form online and we will be in touch with you.
Choir Ministry—Our Choir Ministry ushers us into Worship each Sunday. We have been blessed with a wonderful group of singers that love to sing for Jesus. We’re always excited to add a new voice to the Choir. We encourage everyone in our Church that wishes to make a joyful noise to the Lord, to please let us know and we will get you plugged in! Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
Childrens Ministry
Children’s Ministry—Our Children’s Ministry is one of our strongest areas of focus within our Church family. There are opportunities to serve in Children’s Church as a Teacher’s Helper as well as Teaching Opportunities. The same opportunities are available with Wednesday Night Children’s Ministry and Nursery Volunteers as well. We take the Spiritual Education and training of our Children and Teenagers very seriously as well as their Safety. Each of our Children’s Ministry Team is screened and given a background check annually to safeguard against any danger to our Children. We also have a security camera system that is recording every location that our children and teachers are at all times. This system creates a safety net for our Children as well as our Teachers! We’d love to have you come on board and serve with us! Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
Sunday school ministry
Sunday School Ministry—Our Sunday School Ministry we feel is the backbone of our Church. Sunday School is where Children are taught the grandest of Bible stories and lessons that they will never forget. These lesson plans are etched in their life and helps them to know their Lord, serve their Lord, and apply His Word to their life. Sunday School is not only directed at Children, we have two wonderful classes that target our Adults. We’re always looking for folk willing to fill in and potentially take a New Class & target group. We’d love to have you on board to serve as the opportunity arises!
Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.
alter call
Altar Call Counseling Ministry—The altar call counseling ministry is designed to pray and counsel with folk at the altar call time of our services. Whether agreeing in prayer with someone, sharing your experiences to help them better cope and understand theirs, or having the awesome privilege of leading someone to Christ; this ministry is a wonderful opportunity to assist folk in their journey with and possibly to Christ! This Ministry requires a few weeks of training taught by Pastor and or another Team Member. If interested, please fill out the Ministry Opportunity Form located at the bottom of the page.
church saftey
Safety Team Ministry—Our Safety Team Ministry is designed to keep our Church Family and Guests safe and secure while at Church. With an ever-increasing risk posed to people of faith, our safety team is constantly on the watch for things that look out of place. The Safety team is in constant monitor of doors, camera system, and the perimeter of the property at all times. We take this ministry very serious and are very grateful to the men that serve our church well in this area of ministry. If interested, please fill out the Ministry Opportunity Form located at the bottom of the page.
Grounds Facility & Maintenance Ministry—This ministry is an opportunity to lend a hand when new projects are presented. This could be a new add-on in structure, updating the landscaping, or taking care of some upkeep in partnership with our Trustee Board or Groundskeeper. This ministry also allows opportunity to choose to go on a rotation list with other families within the church to clean the Church before services each week. This is a wonderful opportunity to assist your Church Family in the upkeep and beautification of His Facility and property! If interested, please fill out the Ministry Opportunity Form located at the bottom of the page.
greeter team
Greeter Team Ministry—Our greeter team ministry is the smiling faces you see when you enter our Church. This ministry exists to serve folk with information, visitor cards, helping folk in out of the weather and many other areas. What a way to serve the Church and your Lord. This is a very tangible but yet necessary ministry that is the face of our church to everyone that walks through our doors. If interested, please fill out the Ministry Opportunity Form.