Nursery Workers

 Paging Instructions for Nursery Workers

  1. **At the beginning of the day, unplug the system and plug it back in. This resets the pagers.
  2. Give a pager & parent instruction sheet to each parent dropping a child off.
  3. Make sure the registration sheet is filled out for each child. Put the pager # on the registration form to know who has that particular pager.
  4. Instruct the parent to come immediately when paged.
  5. To page a parent, simply push the number of their pager and the call button.
  6. Page for sickness, emergency, excessive (continuous/uncontrollable for 10 minutes) crying, etc.
  7. Be sure the pager is turned back in, and put back on the charger when the parent picks up the child.
  8. **At the end of the day, when all the pagers are in their slots, push “99” and the call button to turn the pagers off.
  9. Please abide by the sickness policy posted on the wall outside the Nursery.

Thank you!

Pastor Ancel