Open Bible Hour 

We support Bible distribution through Open Bible Hour Ministries, sending bibles all over the world for free to anyone who ask for one. 

Homeless Outreach

 A young man in our church had it laid upon his heart to help the homeless in our area.   This is a wonderful opportunity to help the least among us and share the love and gospel of Jesus Christ.  Check back for updates when will be collecting items, and going to minister to these folks in our area.    

Faith International Partners

Ben and Linda Bounds

Faith International Partners exists to mobilize national church-planting pastors in the 10/40 window and beyond to preach the Gospel, plant churches, and disciple their own people.
There are four billion people in this area of the world, and virtually all of these 67 countries are either Buddhist, Communist, Hindu, or Islamic. They are 95% un-evangelized due to the vast majority of them forbidding western Christian missionaries to do long term work, yet we will still be held accountable at the Judgment Seat of Christ for His mandate to “…preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).
Since the door is closed to western missionaries, we are going through “the window” of raising support for these indigenous men of God. As Saul from Tarsus, Celicia, partnered with the church of Antioch, Syria, we are creating partnerships between the church-planters of third-world countries in the 10/40 window and the churches and Christians of America.

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Barbara Presnell

CEF is an organization that evangelizes to children, teaching them the Word of God. We are supporting the Northeast TN branch.  This ministry also does some specialty training with adults on how to minister to children.

Love Worth Finding
We believe in the ministry of Dr. Adrain Rogers which purpose is to bring people to Christ & mature them through broadcasting biblical truth.

Southern Baptist Convention

Giving to our convention is yet another way the gospel is spread across the world. This mission empowers
North America Mission Board
International Mission Board
 Enables us to address social, and moral concerns that impact your family through the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

A Women’s Center


Missions in India