Life Care Center
Life Care Nursing Home Ministry—This ministry visits with the residents of Life Care Center in Gray, Tn. We split up into groups 3 Sundays out of the month and visit with the residents room by room for about an hour. We share Christ’s love with them and the Gospel as well. We’ve been privileged to see souls saved on many occasions. This is a ministry that is intended to bless others but always blesses those in the ministry so much more. Would you consider taking 3 hours out of your month to share Christ’ love with these residents? If interested, please fill out the Ministry Opportunity Form located at the bottom of the page.
tract ministry
Gospel Tract & Personal Evangelism Ministry—This ministry is a very simple but impactful ministry to the Kingdom. Our Church spends a lot of money on reaching people through Gospel tracts and invites. Located in the back of our Church, you will find a display of Gospel tracts and STBC Invite Card/Tracts that are free and accessible for anyone to take and distribute. It is as easy as leaving one with your tip at a restaurant, giving one to a store clerk, bank teller, neighbor, and or friend. There isn’t a bad place to leave a Gospel Tract. We solely believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to get the message to the heart He has prepared. This ministry is showcased each August when the fair comes to town. We have a booth where there is 4 STBC members around the clock sharing Gospel tracts, waters, and conversing with those passing by. We have a wonderful time-sharing Christ in this medium. If you’re interested in this ministry, its real simple to get plugged in, stop by the tract display in our sanctuary and fill up and go out in your Jerusalem and share the good news!
prison ministry
Prison Ministry–“Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. (Kairos) is a lay-led, interdenominational Christian ministry in which men and women volunteers bring the good news of Christ’s love and forgiveness to prisoners and their families.  The Kairos programs take the participants
on a journey that demonstrates the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. The mission of Kairos Prison Ministry is to share the transforming love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ to impact the hearts and lives of incarcerated men, women and youth, as well as their families, to become loving and productive citizens of their communities”.  The program involves a structured model that includes a weekend experience, followed by guests or participants gathering regularly for accountability, support and prayer.  Kairos provides these opportunities inside both men’s and women’s facilities through a program called Kairos Inside.   Often the family members of those who are incarcerated feel as if they are ‘serving time’ right along side their loved one.  Kairos Outside offers a comfortable, non-judging retreat for women to support each other as they journey through the incarceration of a close relative.  Finally, Kairos Torch works inside youth detention centers or correctional facilities for youth 25 and under.  Currently, Kairos serves nearly 500 prisons and communities in 35 states and 9 countries.
Local teams of men take Kairos Inside to the Northeast Correctional Complex in Mountain City, TN twice a year and follow up with weekly support groups.  Members of Strong Tower Baptist Church are a part of this group.  Church members support the group with prayer and financially.  A big part of Kairos is the COOKIES.  Thousands of dozens of homemade cookies, made with love and prayed over are delivered throughout the prison during the weekend.  The fine folk of Strong Tower folk volunteer to bake, and bake, and bake some more.   It’s an exciting time when Kairos team members are given the opportunity to go throughout the facility and share the love of Christ through something as simple as a dozen cookies. For more information about Kairos you may view their website at
Homeless Ministry—Our Homeless Ministry consists of:
• Taking blankets, coats, and hygiene supplies to the people in need during the winter months.
• Taking food to those in need.
• Sharing Christ with the Homeless when walking the streets of Downtown Johnson City.
• Providing a way to Church for those that wish to attend.
• Partnering with other Ministries to meet the need of the homeless locally.
A young boy named Andrew Vance birthed this ministry. Andrew presented his heart for the homeless to his mother and then to Pastor Ancel. As a 10-year-old boy at the time, is seemed very kind and sweet, but it didn’t take us long to realize, it’s part of our Great Commission! Once the burden was made known by Andrew, the pieces began to fall into place and God has allowed us to be part of this wonderful Ministry. If interested, please fill out the Ministry Opportunity Form located at the bottom of the page.
deaf ministry
Sign Language & Interpreting Ministry—God has blessed us with two wonderful ladies that have been gifted to communicate with the Deaf & Hard of Hearing through ASL (American Sign Language). A few times a year, our Sign Language Team, Beth Arwood and Melissa Owens teach a class that last several weeks one time per week at no cost to anyone. We hope to train others to be able to communicate to this community and share Christ with them and take this training back to their church to enable their church to reach out to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community! Stay connected with our website for new dates on the training classes! If interested, please fill out the Ministry Opportunity Form located at the bottom of the page.
Drama Ministry—This ministry has allowed us to reach several thousand folk within our community over the past several years. Our main Production is our annual Easter Drama, “Just One Drop.” We have seen many people trust Christ as Savior and some are actively involved in our Church today. The cast is made up of over 70 people and the Gospel message of Christ comes to life from the manger to the victorious Resurrection.
In addition to the Annual Easter Drama, we periodically have skits and mini skits acted out in our service that either go along with Pastor’s sermon or certainly adds emphasis to an area that needs it! We encourage folk to get on board with this ministry. It’s extremely fun and most definitely rewarding
If interested, please fill out the Ministry Opportunity Form located at the bottom of the page..