The current schedule and updates and or schedule changes to Sunday’s service as well as the coming weeks due to the Covid-19 will be found right here. Stay Connected and informed.
Our Live-stream schedule:
  • Wednesday Evening, May 27th @ 7pm
Return to Church Instructions for Sunday Services in May!
Upon Arrival to Church:
  • You will be parked by our parking team based upon where you and your family will be seated.
  • Please do not fellowship close together with other members/attenders of the church in the parking lot. Practice safe distancing. 
How you will be seated:
  •  We will seat individuals and family groups as they arrive. (You will likely not be seated in the location you normally sit in except for Handicap/Deaf or Special needs)
  • Family members must sit together. (It will help us greatly if all family members arrive at the doors together so we can seat you promptly)
  • Individual’s and Families that ride together to church, will be seated together, there will be no exceptions.
How we’re preparing our facilities before and after each service?
  • We will be sanitizing the floors, doors, and seating as well as our restrooms.
  • In addition to sanitizing the facility, we also will keep touching of doors and handles to a minimum through our Greeter Teams and Leaders manning those entrances/exits. 
  • Our restrooms will be maintained and sanitized before, after, and during service if anyone needs to use. 
Other Important Information and requests for persons planning on  attending our Sunday Morning services in May:
  • Follow all instructions that our Ministry Team gives you once on the Church grounds!
  • Do not congregate with anyone before, during, or after service. Once service is dismissed, you will be asked to exit the same door you entered. We will also dismiss each row. 
  • Practice the 6ft apart social distancing rule while on the church property and inside the church facilities. 
  • Those assigned to attend the first service; please please  clear the parking lot as soon as you’re able to. We have to remain mindful of the next service attenders coming in.
(Click Link below to Fill out the form letting us know you are coming this Sunday) 
Thank you for your consideration and help in making our return to Church a success!  
Remain Faithful Church Family