Thank you for your willingness to serve our Lord!!
Here are some details about the 5th Quarter:
1. If you gave me your name to put on the pass list, enter the gate at the Field House and tell them your name should be on the 5th Quarter list. Please let me know if you have any problems. 
2. When the game has ended, please come immediately to the location where the 5th Quarter is being held. This location is at the school, on the patio outside the auxiliary gym. Listen for the music and look for the big flying red man:)
3. While at the game, feel free to invite others to stay for the 5th quarter.
4. Please be willing to help at the 5th quarter as you are needed (serving food, etc.)
5. **The main thing we are doing, during the 5th quarter, is mingling among the people thanking them for coming and giving them the specific invite that we are using that night. This Friday, August 18, we are giving the invite to the Student Sunday.
Thank you again for your service! Contact me with any questions! My number is 423-483-5207.