Daily Devotion

 With Pastor Ancel Presnell

Backsliding in our Faith


There has been much talk and interpretation about the term backsliding down through the years. Some believe backsliding is synonymous with losing your salvation. Others believe it’s a total abandonment of ones faith. Then there are those who have never given much thought to it at all.


The Bible  defines the term for us. In Proverbs 14:14, the Bible says that “the backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways.” Notice every detail of this verse.

“The backslider in heart!” This reveals that we can put on a good optic show for all who sees us with outward actions and still yet be backslidden in heart. The backslider in heart shall be “filled with his own ways.” This portion of the verse is the definition of the term. There is no Christian who has not went through seasons of their walk with Christ where self-centeredness was not in play. By definition of the scripture, this is backsliding!

May we allow the word of God to speak to our heart concerning the thought of backsliding. When we get so full of our self that we excuse obedience to Christ, we are living in a backslidden way. When our ways are priority over God’s way, we are living in a backslidden condition. When our love and adoration for Christ turns to love and adoration for ourself and our own ways, we are living in a backslidden condition.
The verse goes on to tell us that “a good man shall  be satisfied from himself.” Again, the verse  continues to define the term. We must flee from self-centeredness! We must come to a place where satisfaction is found away from ourself. This satisfaction must be found and pursued in Christ alone. May we be found dying to our self and living unto Jesus every minute of everyday! Let this be our passion, goal, and our constant pursuit. May we be found as good men/women, satisfied from ourself.


“The backslider in heart shall be filled with his own ways: And a good man shall be satisfied from himself.”

Proverbs 14:14