Pastor’s Letter to STBC Choir Ministry

Dear Choir Ministry,


I trust you are well in the Lord. We are embarking on a new year and the faithfulness of God has been incredible this past year. God is growing our church and ministry in an exponential way. I am so proud of the job you guys do each week in helping lead our church in worship through the choir ministry. Thank you so much!

I want us to get off to a great start in this New Year together. Each week, we all are presented with new challenges and various things that compete for our time. The time allotted to the choir to rehearse and learn new songs is limited to Wednesday evenings following service. That is the best time that we have available to us. I know this can be challenging with work, kids, schedules, etc.

I ask each of you with the upmost respect to please make the Choir ministry a top priority. Rehearsals are so important and the more committed the effort from everyone, the better the choir will become. We have lots of new material we want the choir to learn this year so we need you committed to rehearsal. Wednesday evenings are not only the designated day for rehearsal, but Wednesday evenings are also the day we get the opportunity to refuel our spiritual tanks. We do this through the Word, fellowship, and prayer.


Let’s work together to make our Choir ministry the best that we can make it by:

· Being faithful to rehearsal

· Having a good attitude at rehearsal

· Respecting our fellow choir members and choir directors with our attentiveness and presence.

· Prioritizing our part and contribution to the Choir ministry.


I love each of you and look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for our church in 2024!

In His service,

Pastor Ancel