STBC Prayer Page

Specific STBC Requests

Pray for opportunity to purchase the property next door to the church

Pray for the best lending options for the construction of the new church

Pray for STBC outreach to grow greater than last year

Pray for the Outreach of the Church: Easter Drama, Gospel Cups, etc.


Salvation Requests

Chris & Erin Peters – Jamia Detrick’s son & granddaughter

Vanessa & Jordan – Francisco & Judith Rodriguez’s daughter & son-in-law

Devin – Francisco & Judith Rodriguez’s son-in-law

Rick & Tonya – Richard Wernsmann’s son and daughter-in-law


Health Requests

James Crouch – pray for his upcoming surgery to be a success and for healing from cancer

Lee Cox – Healing from another toe being removed due to diabetes

Randall Simpson’s sister – diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and she is currently out of church

Silas Chase – Steve and Yvette’s 8-month-old grandson had recent surgery in Vanderbilt; pray for his recovery and that he will be able to come home soon

Amanda Vance – upcoming biopsy on her thyroid; pray for good results

Rob & Sheri (James & Mary Liess’ friends) – Sheri is having testing for a serious medical condition & Rob, her husband, is battling cancer and a rare kidney disease

Gladys (Francisco’s mother) – pray for peace, understanding and unity for the family as she has congestive heart failure and is in semi-hospice care


Miscellaneous Requests

Patsy Wernsmann’s son and daughter-in-law are out of church and estranged from her

Patsy Wernsmann’s grandson has lost his joy

Mary Snyder’s mom and families’ relationships

David & Amanda Vance request prayer for Andrew to have a closer walk with the Lord

Joe & Myra Johnson to get back into church – Myra is Amelia’s daughter

Kamryn Wingfield (Jimmy & Karri’s daughter) – her and her teammates to be able to attend church due to their practice schedule on Sunday

Don Finley – knee replacement surgery has been postponed due to A1-C levels/diabetes; this is mentally taking a toll on him

Lori Wooten – pray for her and her family in the passing of her father David Shipley

Pastor Ancel – pray for peace, discernment and strength

Stephanie – comfort and healing

Jan Martin – Amanda Vance’s aunt in the passing of Sandra, Amanda’s other aunt; pray for Jan as she is having a hard time, as she was Sandra’s caregiver, and that she will have a good outcome


Praise Items

Lenny Owens’ appointment in Vanderbilt went well!

Trevor, the Donnolly’s nephew, is feeling a bit better with dizziness & light sensitivity being controlled by medication & sunglasses while he is awaiting special therapeutic glasses!